Bimetallic Barrels

Bimetallic Barrels Manufacturer – Design, Engineering and Repair

ATW offers manufactured single and twin barrels for extrusion, injection and blow molding machinery, with a variety of alloys depending on the wear resistance required by our client’s process. Bimetallic barrels are available with a general purpose iron/boron alloy, as well as a nickel/tungsten carbide alloy which provides both abrasion and corrosion wear resistance. Nitrided barrels are also available at customer request, as well as specialized tool steels such as D2 and *CPM10V.

Feed Screw and Barrel Assembly

Barrel Cylinder Resleeves

ATW provides a relining service for partial and full lengths depending on the wear pattern of your injection cylinders. Sleeves are available in general purpose bimetallic, tungsten carbide bimetallic, nitrided, D2 and *CPM10V. Manufacturing and repair services are available for your feed housings, vent diverter/plugs, and end caps.

Feed Screw Barrel

Barrel Servicing and Machine Shop Capability

ATW strives to offer a complete ‘one-stop’ service for the plastic industry, providing a variety of services and products too numerous to mention. We assist in machine rebuilding, motor /drive replacement, and screw and barrel installation/alignment. Also, should you require replacement parts or repairs for such items as ball / standard check valves, smear tips, breaker plates, tie bars, chrome rolls or dies, please let us know. If we don’t do it, we’ll have it done for you!

If You Have Questions, We Have Answers!

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