Feed Screws

Bimetallic Feed Screws Manufacturer – Design, Engineering and Repair

ATW manufactures, designs, rebuilds and modifies feed screws to OEM specifications or customer requirements for all injection, blow molding and extrusion machinery-single or twin parallel / conical. We manufacture to your specifications, optimizing your present design or utilizing our in-house custom design service for maximum efficiency.

Feed Screw Design

Feed Screw Design

ATW stands behind our screw designs! Having successfully proven our expertise as a leader in the export industry, we guarantee results.

Feed Screw Modifications

Screw Modifications

We can modify your current screw profile in order to make it more efficienct, reducing wear and improving overall performance.

Screw and Barrel Assembly

Bimetallic Feed Screws

Our patented bimetallic feed screw and barrel assemblies provide superior resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

A Broad Range of Specialty Steels and Alloys

We offer a broad range of specialty steels and alloys for your manufacture, ensuring compatibility with your process and existing equipment. Base materials include, but are not limited to, A.I.S.I. 4140 HT, 4340 HT, *Nitralloy 135, D2, H13, Hastelloy, Inconel 300/400 series stainless, as well as the highly wear resistant *CPM series. Technical assistance is available for the preparation of manufacture blueprints at no additional cost.

Flight Hardfacing

ATW provides a complete range of hardfacing alloys allowing for maximum wear resistance and service life for your manufactured or rebuilt screws. Offering the most common hardfacings such as Stellite 12 (cobalt based), *Colmonoy # 56 (nickel based), and Tungsten Carbide. ATW also provides many alternatives for the specialty applications encountered with today’s resins.

Screw Modifications

ATW Modifies your present screw profile for maximum efficiency, allowing for mix or resin changes, compression ratio increases/decreases, mixer or secondary flight additions, L/D changes, etc. Some nitrided and case hardened screws are limited to the modifications possible due to base material quality and weld acceptance.

Screw Repairs

ATW handles emergency repairs with the urgency you require. Broken screws, splines, shanks, threads, etc. will be repaired and returned to their original working condition. While evaluating the cause, we may be able to pinpoint and correct design problems/defects to prevent a future reoccurrence or additional damage.

Bimetallic Feed Screw Design

ATW stands behind our screw designs! Having successfully proven our expertise as a leader in the export industry, we guarantee results. Working together with our clients, our in-house design engineer will provide the optimum screw design for your process. We don’t stop there! If you should need to consult us with your processing questions, we provide “hands-on” troubleshooting experience. Some of our high production screw designs available include but are not limited to, the PVC, PE, PS, ABS, and nylon processes.

Feed Screw Design

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