(2) CM80 HP extruder lines for large diameter PVC pipe 18″-60″


(2) Complete PVC Smooth Wall Profile Pipe Manufacturing Lines LARGE DIAMETER!!

(2) CM80 HP extruder lines for large diameter PVC pipe

2 – Complete Lines for Manufacturing Rigid PVC Pipe 18″ to 60″ Gasketed Pipe. These lines include all Machinery for the Manufacture of Large Diameter Pipe for Sewer and Water. This includes Oscillating Platforms for the Movement of the Cincinnati Milacron CM-80 HP Extruders as the Profile is extruded over the Roller Mandrels. All transfer and lifting stations are included to move pipe to all downstream Pre-heating stations. belling and Gasketing Applications as well as Sealing and Chamfering. Line 1 has the capability of doing up to 36″ diameter 20′ foot long Pipes.  United Plastics Machinery Bellers. The Dies and tooling were made by Midwest The Extruders are Cincinnati Milacron CM-80 HP’s. The Bellers are UPM And the saws are PEM (to be confirmed) Everything is there to make 18″ to 60″ Profile wall pipe. And there is a small fortune in Reiber Gaskets there to go with the two lines.

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