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HMG EXTRUSIONS based in Vienna, Austria, is an engineering and marketing center founded in 2001 by Austrian Plastic engineers specialized in the field of extrusion.  ATW proudly offers HMG new twin and single extrusion equipment for the Industry. Representing HMG in Mexico and Latin America – we offer complete extrusion lines for the production of pipes, profiles, and pellets. Special applications include extrusion lines to produce U-PVC door panels, WPC composite extrusion, rubber irrigation pipe systems & PVC window/door plants. OEM Factories located in Austria, Germany, Malaysia provide manufacturing and assembly for single and twin extruders, pipe heads, complete downstream equipment for pipes and profiles, crushers, pulverizers, all in accordance with the highest European Standards. To complete our processing lines, we also offer MECANOR Finland belling equipment.


  Parallel Twin Screw Extruder Battenfeld BEX 107-22 suitable for UPVC pipes (output 600 kg/h), or profiles and pellets

  Parallel Twin Screw Extruder Krauss Maffei KMD 75-32 suitable for UPVC pipes (output 500 kg/h), or profiles and pellets  Conical Twin Screw Extruder Krauss Maffei KMD60 for UPVC pipes (output 300 kg/h), or profiles

  Conical Twin Screw Extruder Cincinnati CM80 for UPVC pipes (out put 450 kg/h), or profiles and pellets

  Complete Down Stream Equipment (VacuumTank, SprayTank, Haul-Off, Cutting Saw) for pipes from 20 – 63 mm  SOLD

  Single Screw Extruder LUMEN 90-30  for HDPE pipes with output up to 280 kg/h, also suitable for PP pipes SOLD

  Single Screw Extruder LUMEN 75-32 for HDPE pipes with output up to 200 kg/h, also suitable for PP pipes

  Single Screw Extruder LUMEN 60-30  for HDPE pipes with output up to 100 kg/h, also suitable for PP pipes

Miscellaneous Gear Boxes
Miscellaneous Barrels
Miscellaneous Feed Screws
Miscellaneous Gear Boxes
HMG Extrusions brings you state-of-the-art processing technology with high quality extrusion equipment at VERY competitive prices and deliveries.  HMG Extrusions and Advanced Technologies will find professional solutions for all your extrusion requirements.  Material testing, twin screw design and wear inspections/reverse engineering of equipment available upon request.

PLEASE NOTE: Prices for extruders and complete processing lines available upon request. 

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